After School Math Assistance

A math homework assistance program is available outside of the school day beginning November 10th. Sessions will be virtual and are not intended to be a private tutoring session. Sessions will be available two weeks in advance and are for students who may be struggling with asynchronous work or daily homework in math. This program is being paid for by the D181 DOL budget and the D181 Foundation. You can click on the links in this email to view information for your grade level. If you have a student who may need additional assistance, please suggest he/she sign up for a session.

  • First, please make sure your student is signed in to their D181 student email before clicking the links below. That way, the meeting information and links will show up on the student’s Google Calendar.
  • Next, your student should click the link of the course they are in:
Big Ideas Green, Red, & Blue Books 6CC, 7CC, 8CC
Algebra 1
Geometry & Algebra 2/Trig
Thank you, The Department of Learning