Anxiety and Students Presentation

HCHS Parent Network Speaker Series on Anxiety

The Parent Network of District 86 is holding a presentation on “Identifying Anxiety In and Out of School.” It will be held from April 4 , 7-8:30 p.m. at Hinsdale Central High School Community Room.  You may park in front of the school and will be asked to show a Driver’s License in order to be admitted to the High School.  The front office at HCHS is very friendly and happy to help you with directions.

The presentation will help you better understand some of the minor and major identifying causes for stress in our children. Some of the topics covered will include identification and responding to chronic anxiety issues that lead to poor grades, attendance issues, trouble with making friendships, etc.  There will be a Q &A included in the presentation.

Speakers include Patricia A. Graczyk, PhD., Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago; Dr. Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Residential Services at AMITA HEALTH and Clinical Director at the Center for Anxiety and OCD; Ben Harris, MA, LCPC, Co-Director, The OCD & Anxiety Center, Oak Brook.