Children are Experiencing Many Difficulties During the Pandemic

As the school year wraps up, please help us keep The Parent List current during a time when our children’s well-being is being tested. It takes only a few minutes to share your gained insights with another family in crisis by leaving an anonymous review.

The Parent List is a community-based resource. Much like Angie’s List, The Parent List relies on consumer feedback.

The Parent List contains first-hand insight from D86, D181 and D63 parents about providers that helped address their child’s anxiety, depression, school avoidance, eating disorders, insomnia, peer relations, grief, stress, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum, and more.

Doctors, therapists, support groups, inpatient and outpatient programs, tutors, nutritionists, books and holistic medical approaches may all be reviewed on The Parent List. Your help is deeply appreciated!

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In no way do the Hinsdale Central High School or Hinsdale Middle School (HMS) PTOs, Hinsdale Central High School or HMS staff, school districts 86, 63 or 181 endorse or recommend any specific provider reviewed on The Parent List. The Parent List is a subjective forum set up by the Hinsdale Central PTO for your convenience. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for deciding to use any of the service providers on The Parent List in any capacity, and district 86, district 63, district 181 and the Hinsdale Central High School and HMS PTOs disclaim all liability for any damages, injuries, losses, expenses, or claims of any kind arising out of the provision of services by anyone or any agency appearing on The Parent List.