Fortnightly Registration for 8th Grade Boys and Girls

All area 8th grade boys and girls are invited to attend Fortnightly.  Sessions are filling up quickly so please turn in your RSVP cards and waivers soon to reserve your student’s spot. Invitations are available at all the middle school offices or online at   Please complete both the RSVP and the waiver.

Fortnightly is a traditional Hinsdale rite-of-passage and teaches general decorum and manners combined with the basics of dancing (waltz, salsa and swing) to eighth grade students from the Hinsdale Central High School feeder schools. It is organized by volunteers and staffed by professionals.

This is a wonderful opportunity that your children will remember and appreciate the rest of their lives. The program has accommodated over 250 Hinsdale area students every year, since 1958.

Questions? Please contact Cyndi Breslow or Kirsten Schmidt or send an email to