HMS Climate Survey

HINSDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL Climate Survey Opens Monday, 3/15

We’re excited to share that our 2020-21 climate survey will be open to all parents starting Monday, March 15. On March 15, you’ll receive an email from the District with a link to the survey and reminders to complete it until the survey closes on Friday, March 26. The annual climate survey is not only a requirement for all school districts in the state, it’s an opportunity for you to share how we’re performing as a school with audiences near and far.

• Remote Learning Question Changes: You’ll see that some of the questions in this year’s survey have been altered to capture school climate within our Remote Learning environments. We determined this was an important addition to the survey since all of our students were remote at the end of the 2019-20 school year and all of our students experienced some remote learning in the 2020-21 school year.
• How are results shared? Results of the survey are published in the state report card and often reported on by local media. Internally, we will post the results on the D181 website and share a report with the Board of Education and our school community.
• Who takes the survey? All D181 families (K-8), all D181 staff (K-8), and D181 students (4-8) take the survey. If you would like to view a sample student survey or request that your student opts-out of the survey, please let me know.
• Are my results anonymous? Yes, all of your responses are completely anonymous. No one from the school will ever see your answers, and no identifying information (such as name, child’s name or survey ID) will be recorded.
• Why should I take the survey? Participation from all of our families is crucial to ensure that we get a valuable snapshot of D181’s school climate. Our parent participation goal is at least 40%. Please complete the survey for your student’s school when you receive your email on Monday, March 15!

Thank you in advance for sharing your input about our school! The survey will be sent by email on March 15.