HMS Future Funds Committee Update

The HMS PTO sponsors a Future Funds Committee that provides extra funds to all the Faculty and Staff at HMS.
These funds are to buy materials that will enrich the students learning environment and enhance the curriculum at our school.
Our current Future Funds committee members – Artemis Anos, Elia Di Savino (Aschinberg) and Gayatri Batra, evaulated the first round of Teacher Requests.

They bought the following items for our school
– For the Digital Media Class- a new Cannon Color Printer to make professional prints of students works.
– For the Band and Orchestra Dept – Bose Multimedia Speakers for the small music room.
– For the Social Studies Department – 30 Google Cardboards which are Virtual Reality headsets where students can take virtual field trips across the globe via Google Expeditions
– For the HMS Fundations Program – a sensory compresion canoe that will be used by the Occupational Therapist to help students in need
– For the Band & Orchestara Directors – a state of the art Condcutor Stand
– For the Band Program- a Music Ensemble Book Series that will be used by students for concert performances

The next round of requests will be accpeted during the winter months and evalauted in the early Spring.