IAR Testing Begins 4/12

Below is from Rocky May- don’t forget your headphones!

Dear Parents,

Today’s e-mail is just one last reminder of the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, and some very specific information. Please help us to be as successful as possible next week.

Testing is set for all five days next week, with make-ups to follow for students who miss any testing. A copy of the schedule can be found HERE.

A calculator is embedded into the online assessment, but hand-held calculators are an option. WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH HAND-HELD CALCULATORS FOR ALL STUDENTS, SINCE WE ARE TESTING THE ENTIRE SCHOOL AT THE SAME TIME. (Sorry to shout!) If your child really would prefer a hand-held calculator, a limited number will be available. If you want to guarantee that your child will have a hand-held calculator, please make sure they have one.

6th and 7th graders can only use a four-function calculator with square root and percentage functions. 8th graders can use scientific calculators, but memory will have to be cleared prior to testing. They can also use the four-function calculator with square root and percentage functions. For more specific information, please refer to this document. IAR Calculator Policy

Please let me stress that all students will have access to a calculator. My e-mail is aimed at students for whom a hand-held calculator is a priority.

On a related note, students need to bring headphones. We have a small number of headphones for check out from the MRC, but they need to be quarantined in between uses, so it is not ideal. Thanks for sending them! 

On Monday, April 12th, please send the following to HMS…

  • A well-rested HMS student who has had a good breakfast.

  • An appropriate calculator if that’s a priority.

  • Headphones and a fully charged laptop.

Thanks for all you do to help us do our best! Enjoy the weekend!