Join the HMS Virtual Running Club


Running Club:​  October 3rd through November 20th

Turkey Trot:      November 21st through November 29th

Where:​   Anywhere you want, inside or outside!

What:​ Run a minimum of 1.5 miles as often as you can over the next two months. Only runs of 1.5 miles or longer will be counted. The Turkey Trot will be a standard 5K run (3.1 miles).

How:​ ​Use Map my Run, Nike Run Club, or another running app to record your distance and time. Screenshot the workout from your app and complete the running log. Treadmill runs are allowed. For treadmill runs, snap a picture of the workout summary and complete the ​HMS Running Log for each run. Whether you use an app or take a screenshot, please submit your run summary via the running log.

10+ runs = Certificate of Participation

Miscellaneous: ​Time doesn’t matter. Although you should try to push yourself to improve each time. Please contact Mr. Powers or Mr. Klayum with questions. ​You can choose to participate in just the running club (free), just the Turkey Trot (optional $5 shirt), or both​.