Yearbook Pictures! Submit Your Pictures Now!

We need your help! Since it has definitely been a different year-to-date, we want the HMS yearbook to reflect how the students are living and learning during these unprecedented times. In order to do that, the Yearbook Club is soliciting pictures from parents.

If you would like to submit pictures for consideration to the yearbook staff:

Download the Yearbook Snap mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, and enter our access code: 21_HMS_spartans
Go to, enter our school name, click on Community Upload and enter our access code: 21_HMS_spartans

The categories listed in the program were not able to be changed to meet our needs so we had to get creative! In order to upload pictures, you will need to select a category from a list generated by the yearbook company. Therefore, below is a list of pictures we are planning to include in the yearbook, the category to select/upload for the specified pictures, and due dates.  For example, if you would like to upload a picture of your HMS student(s) with the new puppy, you would select “Softball” as the category.  This week is the last week to submit pictures!

Requested Pictures to Upload


Please note we would like to represent the entire student body so please choose 3-4 categories and only upload 2-3 pictures for each of those categories. Additionally, when selecting pictures to upload, please be sure they only include HMS students.

As the yearbook is being assembled, additional picture requests may be added to the list above.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

The HMS Yearbook Club