Meeting Schedule

Mark Your Calendars

The general PTO meetings are held monthly in the MRC at 9:00 AM.

The meetings cover a wide variety of topics that are of interest to our families.

Please join us – all are welcome!

  • September 14

    General Meeting and Exec Board Meeting

  • October 15

    Exec Board Meeting

  • November 30

    General Meeting (w/ speaker on Erin’s Law) and Exec Board Meeting

  • December 14

    Exec Board Holiday Brunch

  • January 17 (Tentative)

    Brief PTO Meeting and New Building Open House

  • February 5

    PTO President’s Meeting hosted by HMS

  • March 11

    General meeting w/ speaker – “The Changing Moods of Adolescence: What’s Normal, What’s Not and How to Manage.”; followed by Exec Board Meeting

  • April 15

    Exec Board Meeting

  • May 13

    General Meeting (Budget Review and Approval)