Mental Health Providers are Conducting Teletherapy Sessions for Teens and Children

NzaaaaaaA recent poll of mental health providers currently included on The Parent List (a Hinsdale Central PTO parent resource), indicates that most have switched over to teletherapy (phone and/or video sessions) to treat their patients during the current pandemic.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for children and teens.

Not all children and teens respond to stress in the same way. Watch for behavior changes in your child that include:
• Excessive crying or irritation in younger children
• Returning to behaviors they have outgrown (for example, toileting accidents or bedwetting)
• Excessive worry or sadness
• Unhealthy eating or sleeping habits
• Irritability and “acting out” behaviors in teens
• Poor school performance or avoiding school
• Difficulty with attention and concentration
• Avoidance of activities enjoyed in the past
• Unexplained headaches or body pain
• Use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

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